Big 5 Weekly Sightings Report

Elephant Plains Game Lodge is world-renowned for its excellent Big Five game viewing, and guests can enjoy two safari game drives and a guided bush walk every day. The property has been in the family for the past 57 years and Elephant Plains Game Lodge opened its doors in 1998.

Weekly Big Five Sightings: 16-22 Jan 2023

Monday, 16 January 2023 (37°C)

  • Torchwood pride consisting of around 13 lions was found west of Milkberry Cutline, Buffelshoek.
  • Tiyani the female leopard was found at Kraaines pan moving west.
  • A small herd of around 10 elephants was seen moving south into Londolozi.

Tuesday, 17 January 2023 (36°C, 1,5mm)

  • Torchwood pride was seen with 15 members. 1 big Kruger male lion was also present. They were found on Umbrella Tree road on an elephant carcass, Buffelshoek.
  • A pack of 6 wild dogs was found moving around Sussens Dam Buffelshoek.
  • A really impressive elephant bull at Triple Pan.
  • Laluka, female leopard, was found along EP driveway in a Marula tree.
  • A nice herd of around 20 Elephants was found browsing on Nyala Road.

Wednesday, 18 January 2023 (41°C)

  • The Torchwood pride was found close to Milkberry Cutline on Buffelshoek. 12 members of the pride were found.
  • A herd of close to 300 buffalo was viewed at Huntersmoon access, Buffelshoek.
  • A big elephant bull was found browsing on Quarantine Plains on Djuma.
  • Maribye, male leopard, was found close to Chela Pan on Djuma.
  • A small herd of around 100 buffalo was found on Philemons Cutline on Djuma.

Thursday, 19 January 2023 (42°C)

  • Xidulu, female leopard, was found with an Impala lamb kill in a Marula tree on the southern side of Simba Dam.
  • The talamati breakways, with 2 lionesses, 4 cubs and the S8 male, were found on Simbambili.
  • A small family herd of 5 elephants were found on EP/Shirley’s Cutline.
  • 6 wild dogs were seen milling about at One Eye Pan on Simbambili.
  • The full Torchwood pride was found again on the elephant carcass on Umbrella Tree road on Buffelshoek.

Friday, 20 January 2023 (39°C)

  • The Nkuhuma pride was found north of Eagle Owl Crossing with 2 females, 3 cubs and Mohawk Avoca present.
  • A really impressive Elephant Bull in musthe was found close to the lodge on EP/Shirley Cutline.

Saturday, 21 January 2023 (38°C)

  • The new Black Dam Male lions were found west of Safari Airstrip.
  • Makhomsava female leopard was found on Seepline east, south of boer bean open!
  • Tiyani female leopard was found milling around on the western perimeter of the lodge.

Sunday, 22 January 2023 (39°C)

  • The Black Dam male lions were found at Buff Pan on Arathusa Safari.
  • A herd of +15 individuals was found on Mala Mala Main road.
  • Mohawk was high-tailing it from the Black Dam males and was found on Gowrie Main.
  • Around 150 to 200 buffalo were seen crossing from Buffelshoek into Djuma.
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